How-to: Deliver a Powerful Email Marketing Campaign

Written on 16 November, 2015 by Nicole Wilson
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Even with the various advancements happening within our industry on any given day, one of the most fundamental and successful marketing avenues remains. Email marketing. Why is this? Email marketing provides businesses with an invaluable opportunity to place their brand’s message right in front of users where they’ll take notice most: their inbox.

However, just because email marketing allows you to take up crucial marketing real estate, does that automatically translate into interest, and ultimately, clicks? The short answer is no. The ability to access your audience via email doesn’t always render clicks. So, how do you make the most of your business’s email marketing campaign to ensure results?

Make your subject line strong

It’s important to remember the first thing that a user sees when a marketing email arrives in their inbox from your business is the subject line – make it count. Whether you decide to play on curiosity, a recent event, trend, advancement, or opt for a more personalised strategy, it has to be strong in order to translate into results i.e. clicks. If a user can’t move past your subject line, it’s a wasted opportunity.

Lacklustre emails won’t hit the mark

Presuming you were able to capture the interest of your recipients with an attention grabbing subject line, the next order of business is the contents of said email.  When it comes to email marketing content, there are a few things you need to consider. Make sure your email content is engaging and interesting, how well you engage recipients is just as important, if not more important, than the offer itself. Why is this? Lacklustre content is incredibly easy to write off as spam, and just like that you’ve lost access to the recipient’s inbox entirely.

Make it relevant

So, what are some avenues that marketers choose to use in order to heighten the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts? Real time marketing that utilises current events, trends and advancements to drive a business’s message is widely popular as it projects a personalised and knowledgeable tone. Users react well to real time marketing within email campaigns because it’s a refreshing change in comparison to the tired and dry emails piling up within their inbox on any given day.

Make it personal

The same goes for personalised marketing. Think about what the recipient is interested in, and what their distinct needs are. Should you include them in this email marketing campaign at all, or should you target them with a later stream of emails that is more tailored to their needs? By targeting your recipients with topics and offers that align with their unique goals, you’re maximising the effectiveness of the overall campaign, and increasing the chances of desired action.

Know your audience

Additionally, over the past year, interactive and responsive emailing has taken off. This is largely because of the increasing popularity of video content and a spike in emails accessed via devices other than desktop. There are two trends that won’t be going anywhere in 2016, so best learn how to harness them. Though these are all important points to consider, it is important that you remember the most effective way to work out what strategy will work best for your company is to know your audience to a T.

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