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Written on 03 October, 2014 by Jessica O'Brien
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It is no coincidence that the most successful entrepreneurs and small business owners also seem to be the early adopters of digital and non-digital tools that have been designed to make business activities more effective.

It is these groups of high achievers that understand that time is the most important commodity in business and that increased efficiency in business activities is the most challenging weapon that you can have in a competitive landscape. So what tools did Australia’s leading business people have in their toolbox to help them reach their goals?

We asked BSchool’s B Faculty – a group of highly successful entrepreneurs who have collaborated to fuel the future of Australian business through education – about the apps and gadgets that they use to kick goals daily.

Planning for Success

  1. Wunderlist App (Free) Designed both for business and personal use, Wunderlist is a task management application that helps you stay on track with daily to-do lists, reminders and errands that you can share with colleagues or anyone else.
  2. Basecamp Web Tool (from $20.00 per month) A great collaborative platform for a new business or venture, Basecamp allows you to break down complex projects into simple to-do task lists and helps you navigate the journey from start to finish with reporting, sharing and task allocation tools for yourself and your team.

Creative outlets

  1. Evernote App (Free) Are you constantly having great ideas and running out of places to store the post-it notes that you write them on? Evernote allows you to create and store whatever comes to mind. The digital workspace allows you to be efficient and creative with reminders and to do lists whilst helping you to keep your actual desk space clutter free.
  2. IdeaPaint (from $19.99) If you still work better writing your ideas on paper – IdeaPaint will allow you to make your whole world a whiteboard. The markers can be painted onto most walls and tables in your workspace, and can then be cleanly rubbed off any dry surface.

Knowledge is power

  1. Expensify App (free) Like the virtual accountant you never had, Expensify allows you to keep all your receipts, reports, mileage etc. together. Whether for business or personal use, it helps you track charges and be more efficient when it comes to tax time.
  2. Buffer App (basic version free) If you are reading this article, there’s a chance it’s because you want to save time in business –but social media is not the area to cut corners in. Establishing customer relationships and loyalty across social networks takes time and effort and Buffer can make it easier for you to manage your platforms and understand your online reputation. You can schedule updates and posts in advance and respond to enquiries whilst on the run with other business activities.

Get Moving

  1. Uber App (Service) Undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories of the social age, Uber is your private driver in over 20 countries, on demand. Using locational mapping, you don’t even need to know your exact address and you can be picked up in minutes and have the services charged to your account directly.
  2. Free Wi-Fi finder App (Free) Not every new business owner has the luxury of an office space and this app helps you be innovative with productivity and expenditure no matter where you are, by scoping out free Wi-Fi and cafes and public areas so you don’t miss a beat (or receive an astronomical phone data bill).

About BSchool:

BSchool, a Diploma of Business, has been created to teach the skills necessary to take your business dreams from ideation to commercialisation, as taught by those who have succeeded. The 12-month online course offers full VET FEE-HELP, which means that aspiring business leaders can study now & pay later as they learn business from, and enjoy networking with, the schools BFaculty, made up of eight of Australia’s top entrepreneurs. To be the best, you need to learn from the best – and at BSchool that’s exactly what you do.

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