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Written on 24 January, 2019 by Jen McKinnon
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can help you bring in new business quickly. Find out how it works in our 90-second video.



Did you know there are 2.3 million searches on Google every second (Wordstream)? But, with people rarely clicking beyond the first page, if you want to be seen, it’s important to land your website on page one.

There are two ways to do this: SEO and Search Engine Marketing.

Search results for each search query are generated organically, using SEO. But Search Engine Marketing bypasses these natural rankings. Search Engine Marketing works on a Pay Per Click basis, meaning that you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. This means you can take advantage of a huge volume of traffic by paying to get your website seen on page one.

Take a look at these search results for the keywords “plumber Sydney.” These first four results are generated by Search Engine Marketing, more specifically called Google Search Ads. It’s only subtle, but you can tell by the ‘Ad’ icon by the URL here in green.

So, how does it work?

Google Search Ads work on a bidding system. After choosing a list of keywords related to your business, you can select a maximum bid. But the advertising slot doesn’t just go to the highest bidder.

Google works hard to ensure that their user experience is top notch in all aspects, so Google Search Ads are ranked using a Quality Score.

Your Quality Score measures how relevant your landing page to the keywords and how often people click through.

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