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Written on 27 November, 2015 by Nicole Wilson
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I love making lists. And no, I’m not talking about slapping a digital sticky note on my desktop nestled amongst the many icons, or popping a reminder in my smartphone. No, I’m talking pen to paper, the real deal. Yes, I make lists the old fashioned way. Crossing something off when I complete a task gets me through my day. There’s something both fulfilling and accomplishing about it. Alas, in the industry I work in, this leaves some of my peers confused. Yes, most people I work with and even those that I live with at home, to put it kindly, find it a tad odd. So here I am, torn between the new and the comfortable. What gives? Enter; the Neo Smartpen N2.

New Technology, old school feel

Once synced with the IPhone or Android app, the Neo Smartpen N2 captures everything you write on the N-code notepad and then transfers it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The N2 uses a camera located at the tip of the pen and little dots located within the N-code notepad to re-create digital versions of your notes and sketches – how handy! Once finished, you can save your work as a JPEG, PDF, SVG or text file that can then be emailed or shared through Evernote. Though some professional artists have expressed the sensitivity of the pen renders it limiting, writers are raving about this new technology and its old school feel. The N2 will set you back about $160+ whilst the N-code notepads will cost you around $20 for a set of five notebooks containing 152 pages each. Whether you view this as wise investment will weigh largely on how frequently you write/doodle. Hmm, I’m going to have to mull this one over guys. In the meantime, let’s look at what other cool gizmos and gadgets that are due to hit the shelfs just in time for you to add them to your Christmas wish list.

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**Disclaimer: You should know before we proceed that I’m that friend that answers ‘yes’ every time you ask them whether or not you should by something.**

My true love sent to me two turtle drones

I was shocked to find out that the creators of everyone’s favourite time travel movie, Back to the Future, where right when they unknowingly predicted we would be using drones by 2015, but nevertheless, here we are! The price it’ll cost you to purchase your very own drone drastically depends on where you look, and luckily, Urban Outfitters has one to fit everyone’s budget. Starting at $49 and stretching right up to $900 (whoa), the Parrot AR.Drone is loads of fun and sits somewhere in the middle at $300. Channelling your inner Marty McFly? Priceless.

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Level up with these game changing gifts

Looking for a gift for your gamer boyfriend/girlfriend/brother or otherwise? Looking for a GG reaction but worried you might get a rage-quit-equivalent? (We’re down with the lingo…) Well cast your worries aside, here’s our round up on the best games and gear. Pricey, however, in our humble opinion, the best Xbox bundle available: Xbox One 1TB Elite Console Bundle complete with 1TB Xbox One with a solid-state hybrid drive and Elite Controller. Pre-order this bad boy from EB Games for $599. Alternatively, if they’re of the PlayStation persuasion, you can get your hands on a 1TB PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront Bundle for the same price. You’ll have to dig deep into your pockets for these two, so make sure you ask yourself, has your loved one been naughty or nice this year? If your budget doesn’t allow for such a big splurge you can purchase 3DS for around $240 or a Corsair Gaming RGB Mechanical Gaming keyboard for about $190.

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Pro-tip: An avid gamer will always be satisfied with a generous Steam voucher.

Wearables, get your wearables

Have you been eyeing off the new Apple Watch since it’s realise? Guilty as charged. Well don’t fret, you’ve picked the right day to reconsider. Yes, today is Black Friday and you know what that means! All. Of. The. Sales. ALL OF THEM. And Apple Watches have not gone a miss. Yep, Target and Best Buy are discounting their Apple Watches by up to $100. Gasp. Snatch up the Apple Watch Sport 38mm in rose gold for $299 instead of the regular price of $349. Or why not the Apple Watch 42mm in the chic space black for $499 instead of its usual $599 price tag? Go on, treat yourself. You can also get yourself up the Samsung Gear form Best Buy for a cheap $250, or snag yourself a $50 gift card when you purchase the Moto 360. Once again from Best Buy. What’s in a name, am-I-right?


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And for those less tech-savvy readers, all your favourite retailers are having Christmas/Black Friday sales this weekend too.

Which has got everyone a bit like this:

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