The Importance of all Social Media Platforms

Written on 22 September, 2015 by Darren Vassallo
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Being found online is what every business wants but it is no longer as easy as building a website and have it ranking through Google. It is now just as important to be found in all major social platforms.

What needs to be taken into consideration is that all users browse in different ways. To be sure you are being found in those places that those users are looking, creating business pages on all major social digital platforms should be a priority.

  1. Facebook – probably the most obvious but still one of the most important, with 1.44 billion monthly active users (March 31, 2015), you are sure to find people who could potentially be interested in your business

Not only is it important to create a Facebook page, but likewise is it important to run social advertising campaigns through it. These paid campaigns can be for targeting users of a certain demographic such as females between 20ys to 50 years old, who have been engaged for less than 6 months.

  1. Twitter – one of the more underrated social networks for business. Twitter allows users to follow and keep up-to-date with new products/services or promotions that your organisation may be running.

3. Instagram – the future of social is visual and no social platform does this better than Instagram. Users now, more than ever, don’t just want to see text, they want to see how good your organization looks whether it is photos of happy customers, staff or photos of your products. Having great quality photos will go a long way to having a great online presence.

  1. LinkedIn –  great for B2B networking, LinkedIn is a great place to grow your professional network as well as attracting B2B business.
  1. YouTube – any business who has professional videos either promoting a certain product or brand should have it uploaded to YouTube. Google looks after its own products so making sure your video is uploaded with relevant text will have given it a good chance of ranking in some Google search results too.
  1. Pinterest –  fashion, food, design or travel businesses are some that should be on Pinterest. The great thing about this social platform is it favours new content over content with high interest making it easy for companies to showcase their stuff.

These are just some of the important places your business should be found on, and if you’re absent from these platforms, your business could be missing out on interacting and displaying the great things that you have to offer.

Keep in mind that just being found in these places is not enough; constant updates of new things that are happening within your business and industry are extremely important, users will not follow or like your business online if there is nothing new to be seen.

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