The Power of Micro Moments in Driving Consumer Intent

Written on 10 June, 2016 by Stefanie Kir
Categories Marketing

Consumer behaviour has fast been adapting to mobile technology and, as such, marketing is catching up.

Mobile developments mean that the buying process is spread across the day, in a series of intent-driven micro moments, which shape your audience’s buying. Put simply, micro moments are the times when consumers intuitively reach for their mobile phone to solve a problem, find information or buy something.

The change in buying behaviour because of mobile means you need to refine your sales pitch to tap into these micro moments. You’ll be able to properly harness your consumers’ interest and ensure they build a relationship with your brand. All aspects of your mobile marketing – from dedicated mobile sites to special UX, advertising and content for users of handheld devices – will inform how you speak to your customers at every step of the process.

What types of micro moments do consumers go through?

There are a few different types of micro moment, all of which put your brand before consumers’ eyes throughout the day:

  • Researching useful information that will relate to a future purchase
  • Exploring the local area and business located near them
  • Finding out how to complete a project, recipe or task
  • Sourcing content just as they’re ready make a purchase

Each of these areas is rich with buying intent, even if the customer is not yet sure they want to make a purchase. Even during the initial research stage, marketers need to ensure everything they do sparks inspiration and joy in the consumer to get them to click “buy”.

Analyse everything – not just the final sale

When analysing and improving the sales process, marketers often forget to analyse the buyer’s journey, concentrating instead on the final click-to-purchase.

Forgetting to do this means marketing professionals are not tapping into every part of the conversion process and, as such, are not taking advantage of all the opportunities available to them.

Marketers should be focusing on each micro moment and analysing how to inspire audiences at each point, giving them value at every step of the way. They should be focusing on all the tiny moments throughout the day when customers are engaged with their phones, and placing content before them during this time.

By analysing customer intention at every step, you are able to give customers value where they need it most.

Inspiring content will capture them at every stage

Your buyers are no longer just swayed by discounts and promotions – they want to build a relationship with your brand over time. The more you nurture them in the first stages by providing them with high-quality, usable content, the more likely they’ll be to buy.

Developing a content strategy is the best way to do this. It’s only by establishing yourself as an authority in the field that you’re able to sway them in the final steps.


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