Types of Stories you can Tell About Your Business

Written on 30 August, 2016 by Trish OLoughlin
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The power of storytelling is impenetrable. No matter what form they take, stories can be a highly influential medium; a vehicle that transports your message and positions it in the public realm.

All businesses should capitalise on the art of storytelling as a marketing tool. It’s one of the best ways to not simply get yourself noticed, but also well and truly remembered by your customers.

So, what kinds of stories can you tell?

The possibilities are pretty endless, but here are a few classic examples…

The Underdog

This is where you highlight how your business or brand has risen from the bottom and achieved great things. It’s the classic Cinderella tale of going from rags to riches – starting out with humble beginnings and working your way to the top. For instance, Webcentral started out as a one-man business, and has now grown into a full-suite, multi-national agency.

The Rebirth

Sometimes, your brand is in need of a makeover to re-engage your audience’s attention. By updating your business and its services or products, you can craft a story of renewal. While at times this can be successful, it’s important to make sure you are introducing changes for a good reason – just take a look at the way Australians reacted to the recent re-branding for Arnott’s Shapes.

The Quest

In certain cases, it’s quite obvious that a company has embarked upon a journey in order to achieve a certain goal. Their sense of determination is palpable, and they’ll do whatever they can to get from point A to point B. Take Lexus, for instance – it is on a self-proclaimed quest to craft the perfect vehicle.

The Tragedy

While at times avoided in marketing, tragedy can be a useful story to tell in certain industries. Charities often employ tragedy in order to tug at those heart strings and provoke a desired action from their audience. Here, the focus is less on the brand, and more on the brand’s actual work – the heart of the business.

The Comedy

Last but not least, some businesses opt for a healthy dose of humour as a way to tell their brand’s story. This creates a colourful and light-hearted personality for audiences to relate to, and has been effectively used by businesses such as Go-To Skincare and ANZ as a way to make these companies stand out from their competitors.

So get creative with your business; find a narrative that fits your brand and transform your business into the protagonist of its own story. You’ll spike your audience’s interest and cement your position as a key player in the game.

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