What is Microsoft Bookings and why should your small business care?

Written on 24 October, 2019 by Julia Hammond
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Customers calling to book appointments has typically been the main method for Australian small businesses, but this is quickly becoming outdated. We’ve known for a while that Millennials hate phone calls, but a recent survey shows that 56% of Australians – across all generations – avoid phone calls. An online booking system is a great solution for businesses. By providing your customers with their preferred booking channel, you’ll make it easier for them to instantly book which means more appointments for your business. Microsoft Bookings is a powerful online booking tool that’s easy to use and free with Office 365 Business Premium. Here’s how Microsoft Bookings can boost your customer bookings and why it’s a smart choice for every business.

How does Microsoft Bookings work?

Microsoft Bookings is free with Office 365 Business Premium. Essentially, it’s an online calendar that allows your customers to view the available times online and book their own appointments.  Your staff can view their work schedule and it integrates directly into Microsoft office calendar in real time.

Customers receive a confirmation email after booking and a reminder message that allows them to confirm, change or cancel the appointment. You can customise how early to send the reminder message, for example one day before or three days before. If a customer does choose to call for an appointment or make a follow up appointment on the day, you can input their details into Microsoft Bookings manually.

There is both a mobile app and online version, allowing you to access your calendar on any device, in any location. You can embed your booking link into your website and your Facebook page, as well.


Benefits of Microsoft Bookings

An online booking system is a user-friendly addition to any business website, and its features will benefit both your customers and business.

24-hour availability

Online booking systems are a cost-effective way to ensure your business is available whenever customers want to book, including outside of your regular business hours.

Minimise no-shows

Booking reminders for your customers and staff helps minimises missed appointments and makes rearranging appointments a breeze to accommodate last minute changes or cancellations.


Add customer preferences

Add customer details and preferences to their profile to help to make their experience better.

Mange your business & staff hours

Customise your business and staff hours so that appointments are only made when you are available, plus enable customers to choose an appointment with their preferred staff member.

Give your customers control

Let your customers decide when and how they want to book an appointment – offering a more personalised experience.

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