Why do I need a website for my business?

Written on 12 August, 2018 by Jen McKinnon
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We are in the age of digital, but digital no longer just includes websites and search engines. There are now lots of different online media and digital platforms and that you can use. These don’t just allow you to communicate with others but to help run your business. Websites are traditional, yes, but they’re not passé. In fact, they are the most important digital asset you can have. Let’s unpack why using the five top benefits of a website for your business.

1. Give your customers 24/7 access

One of the most exciting things about growing your business online is providing eternal access to information about your brand, products and services. This leaves the proverbial door open for your consumers to browse your store day or night, whenever they get the chance. Consumers are infinitely run off their feet in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century. A website is a huge benefit, allowing the consumer to peruse your site at a time that suits them. This increases your target market and gives those who don’t have the time to visit a physical store during business hours the chance to see what you’re all about.

 2. Established businesses are expected to have a website

Your website is not just a pretty page that tells consumers about the products and services you provide, its proof that your business actually exists. These days a website provides instant credibility to a business, instilling trust in consumers that it is, in fact, a reliable, dedicated business. Many people run an enterprise purely on social media. This is not wrong per se, but these businesses minimise their audience because the same level of trust is not afforded to them as if they had a fully functional website. Meet your customers’ expectations and allow them to see that your business is legitimate from the get go with your very own website.


3. Compete with other online brands

Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand because you haven’t got a website. A broad online presence gives you a better chance of winning business over those who are less widely spread. If your competitors don’t have a website either, don’t wait complacently to be outdone by the first one who takes the leap. Invest now to stay ahead of the pack.

4. You’re in complete control

A website acts as an online business hub for your enterprise and allows you to settle comfortably into the driver’s seat without the threat of the unknown. If you’re content knowing that, ultimately, you’re not in charge, using another web platform to promote and sell your wares online is no issue at all. However, if you run your business purely on social media, changes can be made to the overall structure and purpose of the platform. This may find your business at a loss. This happened earlier this year when Mark Zuckerberg decided to bring Facebook back to its roots. He decided to reduce sponsored content across the platform. This was detrimental to businesses whose livelihood relied on the Facebook platform. With complete control over who sees what, when, your website becomes the online chariot for your business. As a result, any changes to the media you use to promote your brand become minor concerns in a much bigger picture.


5. A cost-effective way to reach thousands of people

A website may seem like a large up-front investment now; however, the long-term benefits far outweigh the cost. Think about what you’d spend on advertising without a website in a single year of business. There are printing costs, mailing costs, the excessive cost of advertising space in traditional media – the list goes on. With a website, you open your business up to a fountain of highly cost-effective digital advertising streams. This can save your business not just money but time, which any business owner will testify is more valuable to them than the initial setup cost of their website.

A website also gives you the option to ‘shut up shop,’ so to speak, and run your business remotely online. This saves on all sorts of overheads you’d be paying for your brick and mortar store. These savings may even allow you to drop your prices, giving you a competitive edge over your business rivals.

You can use your business website as a means of internal communication to staff. You can build a suite of information that is made available to your colleagues at all times. This saves you time and administration costs, and is yet another benefit of having your own business website.

All in all, a website will help your business scale and grow, minimising long-term costs, saving time and providing a stronger connection to your customers. If you don’t yet have a functional website, get in touch with our online solutions advisors at Netregistry today to take the next step in your business’ journey to success.

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