Why do they change their mind?

Written on 01 August, 2007 by Jeev Trika
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Evidently, the drop in rates of shopping cart abandonment has come about because retail site owners are looking into it more seriously. Results from web analytics and market research is being implemented on the retail sites. The thing to keep in mind is that shoppers are spending money on your site and the process should be made as smooth as possible.

Giving consumers options when they are shopping is an excellent way of keeping them happy and making the decision process easier for them. For one thing, not all shoppers might like to pay in the same way. Alternative payment options are extremely attractive to shoppers. There are a number of consumers who prefer to pay later and giving them such an option might keep them at ease. Moreover, maybe not all shoppers would want to pay the whole amount in one go. Perhaps you can arrange so that your shopper can pay in installments, if it is appropriate for your product. If these alternatives are available to your shoppers, they might be more confident about moving ahead with the final transaction.

Privacy issues are of utmost important also. Ensure that your consumers know that their information is going to be kept safe and they do not have to fear of such things as fraud and information theft.

The bottom line is to show your consumer that you are the best they can turn to. It is definitely not enough to offer them only the products that they want. The same products can be purchased from other places. Gaining your customers trust along with giving them a smooth decision-making and purchase journey is what you can do to ensure that you remain in that percentage of retail sites where shopping cart abandonment are dropping.

About the Author:

Jeev Trika is a principal at Azentec, Inc., an e-business consulting firm, based out of South Bend, Indiana.  He possesses extensive experience in sales methodologies and holds over 9 years experience in assisting organisations with their online experiences.  His professional services have been garnered by organisations like IBM Global Services, Siebel, Jordan Industries, Cayman Islands Government, and more. Jeev holds a Bachelors in Computer Science and an MBA, both from Purdue University.

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