Why You Need a Professional Copywriter

Written on 21 June, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Why do people hire copywriters? Surely, it’s something one can do themselves. The answer to that is a resounding no. Consider the amount of content that exists around your digital and non-digital communication efforts. Think also about the level of competition that exists for your customers’ attention. All your competitors are working feverishly to develop compelling content that users find first. They also seek to generate a sense of scale by ensuring all communications look fresh and new but feature an underlying and consistent tone and style.


Does your business need a copywriter?

  1. What is a professional copywriter?
  2. Why do people hire copywriters?
  3. Who needs a copywriter?


When budgeting for your business, make sure that you consider allocating a budget for copywriting. Every company, even small businesses, should work with a copywriter to ensure that their product or service is adequately supported and easily found.

What is a professional copywriter?

What does a copywriter do? In general, a copywriter develops content designed to support your business. It may drive new traffic to your website, or it may serve to convert that traffic to sales.  It can also ensure that when people search for a particular product and service on Google search, your business name is close to the top of the search results page. Increasingly search engine optimisation (SEO) is a dominant focus for copywriters.

As well as ensuring your copy is search engine optimised, copywriters develop cut-through content for communication pieces such as blogs, web articles, white papers, email campaigns, product descriptions, landing pages etc.

If you need quality content that performs well in terms of SEO and that stands out, it is a good idea to invest in a professional copywriter.


Why do people hire copywriters

Why do people hire copywriters?

So let’s consider the benefits of hiring a professional copywriter.

For many, it’s a simple case of time. Business owners have enough to do running their business without worrying about trying to keep up with the need for constantly updated, SEO optimised and compelling content. It is essential to update your website content regularly to stay ahead. A professional copywriter can help you maintain that edge.

It is crucial to minimise duplicated copy, not only for your users but also for your SEO performance. Developing original copy for your content takes time, and managing any content that needs to be duplicated across the site requires careful management. This is another reason why hiring a copywriter for website development can be so helpful.  Read this article to learn why you should try to avoid duplicated content.

Probably the most frequent reason why people hire copywriters is Search Engine Optimisation. You must always write something interesting, but you’ve also got to include keywords that tell search engines who you are and what your page is about. Writers tend to include keywords wherever they can and sometimes are punished for doing so. Complicated algorithms can detect when you are overusing keywords, and it will impact your findability. A good copywriter can find a perfect balance between too many keywords and too few – while ensuring your page remains engaging for the user. Those keywords are often used as initiators for a pay per click advertising campaign. When someone searches with keywords related to your business, your online ad will appear on page one of Google.

Edms are often used by businesses to maintain and foster relationships with their customers. They offer a cost-effective way to build on that relationship and create revenue amongst a cohort that already knows you. For many businesses, edms are the cornerstone of their content marketing and accordingly need to be crafted with care.

First-rate copywriting is crucial across all your communications, from social media advertising to a humble “About us” page. One of the most impactful benefits of hiring a professional copywriter is the generation of content that is consistently aligned to the needs of the business. At times it will need to provoke action on the reader’s part, such as click here or purchase now. On other occasions, it will need to provide easy to read and convenient information such as faqs and product information. Irrespective of its function, all content should reinforce a tone and style that is consistent throughout. This consistency reinforces your brand position and is an often overlooked feature within content delivery.

Finally, an effective copywriter can help generate sales. They can make sense of a product’s features and benefits, so readers immediately understand why it makes sense for them. Their use of persuasive copy can be powerful in generating click-throughs and, ultimately, sales. Professional copywriters can pay for themselves with the increased sales they can generate.


Who needs a copywriter

Who needs a copywriter?

Unless you are a great copywriter, we would recommend everyone employ the services of a content writer, whatever the size of your business. A professional copywriter offers an objective and skilled review of your content and ensures that every opportunity you have to reach your customer is done so in a manner that will generate a positive outcome for your business.

Generating great content for your business is a worthwhile endeavour. It’s why people hire copywriters. If you need any assistance with your content generation, we have a team of skilled digital experts, not just expert copywriters but others, including digital advertising experts and SEO gurus who can help you create content that stands out from the crowd. Get your digital content strategy on track for success today.

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