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Written on 14 August, 2021 by Ben Schick

A message from our Managing Director We've changed our name to Webcentral because we want to be clear, things are changing. Based upon your valuable feedback, we have now initiated an active strategy to transition our group businesses to a single brand - Webcentral. This outcome will improve our service to you, with simple to use,... Read more
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Written on 12 August, 2021 by Ben Schick

Got questions? Get the answers here Frequently Asked Questions What does this rebrand mean for me? Today, having an online business is more than simply registering a domain or a new website. Webcentral is focussed on supporting your business at every step to enable online success. Our support is diverse, it extends from domain registration through... Read more
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Written on 09 March, 2012 by Larry Bloch

Kony 2012 - what's it all about? It's been a very inspiring day for mass activist action against injustice. The filmmaker Jason Russell and his groundbreaking movie went viral - racking up tens of millions of hits in a very short space of time. Many of us have been touched by the issue and motivated to participate... Read more
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Written on 19 February, 2012 by Larry Bloch

Changing requirements for small business hosting Whilst there are very many small business owners that consider domain names, web hosting and e-commerce and all the associated jargon to be confusing and new, the domain and hosting industry has been around for at least 18 years. In fact I started a domain and hosting business in the... Read more
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Written on 16 February, 2012 by Larry Bloch

Practical considerations for owners of new .brand Top Level Domains (TLDs) Over the last few months I have repeatedly been asked to comment on the impending launch of the new TLD domain names - often referred to as .brand. For those that don't know, ICANN - the global domain name regulator - has opened the domain name system to allow organisations... Read more
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Written on 04 November, 2011 by Larry Bloch

The ‘Group Buy’ phenomenon Since Groupon kick started the global phenomenon of Group Buy sites, we have seen the rapid expansion of this market sector, through the rejection of a $6bn offer for Groupon by Google to the stratospheric $30bn price for their IPO, now pared back somewhat. There has been a media frenzy... Read more
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Written on 31 August, 2011 by Larry Bloch

The hypocrisy of rejecting lowering the $1000 GST exemption threshold for imported goods The Labor Federal Government has enough issues to deal with at present, but I can't help reflecting on the reasons given for refusing to consider lowering the $1000 GST exemption threshold. The claim is that it would cost more to collect the tax than the revenue it raises. Hang on... Read more
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Written on 26 May, 2011 by Larry Bloch

The perils of shoebox accounting for SMEs Small business offices around the country contain shoe boxes full of business receipts and invoices. As the months roll by and the data accumulates, your business is sitting on a growing problem. I believe that maintaining financial information in a digital form is an essential survival tool and a competitive... Read more
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Written on 10 January, 2011 by Larry Bloch

$1000 import GST exemption - small businesses suffer In ancient times, being the bearer of bad tidings was a risky profession. Great leaders chose their messengers carefully. If the message was that bad, there was no need to use a highly ranked messenger, because everyone assumed that he would be killed upon delivery. A higher ranked messenger was... Read more
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Written on 23 November, 2010 by Larry Bloch

Am I the only one who gives a damn about small business?!?! It's been a while since I've had a rant published. What's the point of publishing magazines and websites if you can't have a rant from time to time? Without one, where's the passion, where's the belief, where's the credibility? And where is the author? Today, I'm pissed off. I've been... Read more
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