Competition: Winning top tip entries

Written on 23 February, 2011 by Charlotte Norman
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Our Top Tips competition received a huge amount of interest, however the winning entries have now all been chosen and those whose tips have been posted below and on our Twitter feed are now enjoying a copy of the new book ‘Bullet-Proof Your Business Now’ by Andrew Griffiths.

  • Always plan your business website as though it is an investment, rather than an expense. Then aim for return on investment [sent by Danny Hile]
  • Treat every email enquiry as importantly as a phone call. Respond to every email as if it was a message left on your phone. [sent by Laurie Pincini]
  • When promoting to your customer use all four medias to contact them – Post, email, text and phone call [sent by Linda Janse Van Rensburg]
  • Be clear on the market for your product. Is there a high need for it that provides a solution to peoples needs [sent in by Trevor Russell]
  • Seek feedback from your clients and use their affirmations in marketing correspondence. Leverage off their credibility. [sent in by Dominic Osbourne]
  • Think about what you want your business to look like in two years, not what you want it to look like tomorrow – then plan! [sent in by Melanie Miller]
  • Write a marketing plan and review it each year. Find a mentor; create a simple plan combining their skills with your experience. [sent in by Steve Osborne]
  • You don’t have to forget about high competition keywords. Add a descriptor (i.e. blue) and work towards then as long term goals [Chris Finnegan]
  • Know where your customers come from. Sometimes going out and speaking with customers is better than online marketing. [sent in by Jenny Luong]
  • Get building good customer relationships and keep them coming back. [sent in by Janine Garvey]
  • Marketing with Direct mail and email can increase your ROI greatly. You can also save on DM by cleaning your email database. [sent in by Justin partridge]
  • Always consider ‘perspective’ when communicating with clients. The more it’s about them, the more relevant and responsive. [sent in by Dean kennedy]
  • Never spend the GST you have collected on your revenue invoices, Always keep it separate from normal cash flow. [sent in by Siobhan Geraghty]
  • Be proactive not reactive about protecting one of your most valuable business assets – your IP (Intellectual Property) [Sent in by Yvette Kwei]
  • Don’t let perceptions, yours or others, stop you from making changes. [Sent in by Josh Blundell]
  • Get mentors; ask plenty of questions and listen. Then make sure you take action! [sent in by Adam Franklin]
  • ‘The moment of truth’ is a series of moments that the customer experiences in your business. The will make or break a sale. [sent in by Shanon Walsh]
  • A great way to advertise your website is to use Google AdWords [sent in by Theo Zydenbos]
  • Treat everyone with respect and patience. The best clients often stumble in first contact if it’s a new field for them. [sent in by Bill Rendall]
  • How you and your staff dress and present themselves can either positively or negatively impact on your customer’s experience. [sent in by Renae Walsh]

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