Domain Name Backorder Service

Every day there are thousands of domain names that expire or are deleted from the registry, going back into the pool of available names for registration. Domain backorder service is perfect for monitoring domain names that you are interested to buy, but don’t have the time to actively pursue. When you put your ideal domain on backorder, we will make it our mission to help you secure the domain when it becomes available. We monitor your domain daily and provide full transparency so you are in control every step of the way.

Domain Backorder

only $9.95 /year
Don't miss out on buying expired domain names

Don't miss out on buying expired domain names

You have an amazing idea to share with the world but your ideal domain name is taken. No worries. Many old domains expire every day and it could be one of yours. Don’t miss the chance to buy it when it happens. With Domain Backorder, we monitor the domain names you’re interested in daily, so you have time to focus on your ideas.

Track your domain name anytime

Track your domain name anytime

When you use our Domain Backorder service, you’re in full control. We provide full transparency so you always know whether your domain is available. Log into your customer account and view the status of your backordered domain names at any time.

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° Price varies depending on period and domain name.

  † Applies to new and 1 year domain registrations only, notrenewals, transfers or backorders. Price not applicable to premium domain names. View full terms.Offer based on our RRP.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Domain Backorder service means a request by you to us for a domain name that is not available for public registration at the time the back-order request is submitted, but which we will monitor, and if and as the domain selected becomes available for public registration, we will attempt to register it on your behalf.

Back ordering a domain can allow you to monitor domains you’re interested in without having to actively explore them.

You can easily backorder a domain through the built-in search engine on our website.

All information, including your domain name’s expiration date, can be found publicly on the WHO Is Database, however, if your account is with Webcentral it can be found in The Console, which you may access using your log in details.

You can view your domain backorders on your customer services page.

When your domain becomes available the system will automatically attempt to acquire the domain for you. You will be notified via the email that is registered with us.

There is no guarantee of acquiring a domain name when you place an order. The current holder of the domain name has the first right to renew the domain name. If the current owner restores their domain during the grace period, the reservation also falls away.

The simple answer is no. Domain names are registered to verified registrants on a first come first serve basis. You can register a backorder of the domain name if the registrant opts into not renewing the domain name. If you are the only entity wanting the domain name after it has expired then you have the opportunity to register it. However, if there are several waiting applicants wanting the domain name then there is no guarantee you will acquire it.