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Written on 09 October, 2012 by Verity Meagher
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If you’re an online business owner, the health of Australia’s digital economy can have a seismic effect on your growth and future prosperity. Sharp acceleration in the country’s internet sector has strengthened the imperative for the industry to compete on a global level and make the most of every opportunity.

Taking place in Canberra over the 11th and 12th of October, the Internet Governance Forum will serve as an essential platform for collaboration, conversation and industry exchange and play a vital role in shaping Australia’s internet industry.

It will bring together industry practitioners, government bodies such as the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, representatives from the likes of Google, Facebook and AusRegistry, and explore the issues and challenges that are most affecting the online realm. It will also play host to knowledge-sharing workshops that will highlight best practice and allow for an in-depth exploration of issues.

These are the sessions that are bound to have the biggest impact on your business.

The International Internet Governance Landscape

This part of the event establishes a global context for the forum and explores the role Australia can play within international developments. It’s especially relevant for businesses with a presence in global markets or international expansion plans.


Although cyber-attacks and virtual threats are increasingly common, Australian online business owners are failing to insulate themselves from risk. This session will outline the problems that stem from securing the country’s critical infrastructure and its end-users and establish commonsense measures for keeping your web presence safe.


The online age has seen copyright become more fluid. However, the shift towards content marketing has thrown new challenges into the mix. This session will draw on learnings from iiNet and Optus TV Now to set the stage for a new approach to copyright issues.


As businesses move from secure servers to the flexibility promised by the cloud, privacy has become a serious object of concern. This is essential viewing for businesses who are currently tailoring new privacy measures for cloud computing and searching for new ways to minimise risk.

Digital inclusion

Digital inclusion and internet access is highly uneven across the country. This session will investigate ways to correct this balance and offer business owners insight into inequalities across the digital economy.

The Forum is set to be a highlight in the industry calendar and serve as a catalyst for the online sector’s evolution. Next week we will provide a follow up blog on the outcomes of the conference and how will the new regulations affect your business?

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