The Top Safe Search Engines for Kids

Written on 16 February, 2018 by Shounak Gupte
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Technology use, as well as the internet usage, has grown astronomically in the past decade. Where once it was a luxury, it is now applied to nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. Due to the heavy advancements and implementation, it is not uncommon for young children to search and browse the internet just as adults do.

The inquisitive young minds of the world, however, may stumble upon less than appropriate pages. This cause for concern sparked the creation of kid safe search engines, giving parents peace of mind, knowing that their little ones can trawl the internet safe and soundly.

If you’ve never heard of the likes of child friendly search engines, don’t worry! We have collated the list below to ensure that you are fully aware of the benefits of these safe sites.


Characterised by a miniature robot exploring the wonders of space, Kiddle.Co is a search engine that is safe for your children to use. Alongside providing appropriate websites and images to children, Kiddle also provides adults and educators with adequate resources on internet safety tips and tricks.

More than that, the platform has outlined the list of keywords that it blocks – allowing parents to easily remain informed on what their children are shielded from when using this search engine.

In addition to the rest of its features, Kiddle also has a Kpedia extension, which acts as a child safe option for Wikipedia.

2. KidRex

When your child clicks on the KidRex site, they will be greeted by an engaging home page that features child-like scribbles and images. Powered by Google, the independent organisation details themselves as a “safe search for kids, by kids”.

It also contains features for parents/educators on what exactly the site does, and how-to teach internet safety. More than that, it has a feature which allows parents to submit webpages that they believe shouldn’t be available to kids, done so by submitting the URL and the keywords used to find it.

3. Safe Search Kids

Also powered by Google, Safe Search Kids is one of the top choices for your child’s internet surfing. Available as a downloadable app, Safe Search Kids is a platform whereby kids can find websites that are appropriate given their keyword search. Alongside websites, the platform also shows images, videos and safe Wikipedia pages, meaning that parents can rest assured that their children are not landing on inappropriate pages.

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