Small Business Digital Adaptation Program – Apply for Rebates Now

Written on 01 May, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Small businesses in Victoria looking to upgrade their systems and adopt new technologies should consider doing so as soon as possible.

The Small Business Digital Adaptation Program is looking to help a new batch of business owners embracing digital solutions.

Should you be eligible, you can access up to $1,200 of rebates for your chosen product purchase. With up to $5 million allocated to support this pivotal program, your small business stand to benefit from not just the short term but more importantly, many more years to come.

Take Advantage of This Rebates to Futureproof Your Small Business

Aside from streamlining your business operations for increased efficiencies, you also stand to tap into to an increasing number of online customers.

With a range of different suppliers to choose from, you can learn about new products and upgrade your small business no matter which industry you operate in. Choose from legal services or removalists in Melbourne to website creation, project management, cash flow services and more!


is my small business eligible to apply

Is My Small Business Eligible to Apply?

There are three main criteria in order to qualify for the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program:

  • You must be operating a business located in VIC since or prior to 28 March 2021
  • You must hold an ABN
  • Your ABN must have been active since or prior to 28 March 2021

You may also use the ABN Checker to validate if your business ABN is eligible for this program.

How to Upgrade Your Small Business Digital Capability

Once you have determined that your small business is eligible, you can begin trialing products and attending workshops by any of the partner suppliers of this program.


Tip: You can complete as many product trials and attend as many workshops as you want up till 18 June 2022. This way you can also determine which products suit your small business best. So don’t be shy!


When you have chosen the right digital product for your business, sign up and purchase it through one of the partner suppliers. This must be done before 23:59 18 July 2022.

You will then be able to apply for a rebate of $1,200 under the Small Business Digital Adaptation Program. The closing date for small business applications is also set at 23:59 18 July 2022.

Read more about Small Business Digital Adaptation Program’s frequently asked questions here.


update your business digital tools today

Update Your Business’ Digital Tools Today

More than 10,000 Victorian small businesses have already benefited from the previous rounds of funding. With support from programs like these, there are more reasons for SMEs in Victoria and across Australia to embark on their digital transformation today.

As a leader in digital solutions, we will continue supporting our customers through customised services across domains, website building, digital marketing and communication.


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