Switching from iiNet's Hosted Email Service? Try Webcentral

Written on 10 March, 2023 by Webcentral
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If you are an iiNet customer who has received the email about the cancellation of the hosted email service, it’s important that you take action before April 30, 2023, to ensure that you don’t lose any of your email data. One of the steps you will need to take is signing up for a new email hosting provider. At Webcentral, we offer reliable and secure email hosting solutions that can meet your needs call 1300 638 734.

5 Reasons why you should consider Webcentral as your new email hosting provider:

  1. Reliable service: With Webcentral, you can be assured of a reliable email service that’s always available when you need it. Our email hosting service is designed to be fast, secure, and dependable.
  2. Easy migration: We understand that migrating your email data to a new provider can be a daunting task. That’s why we have made it easy for you to transfer your email data to our platform. Our team of experts can guide you through the migration process, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.
  3. Secure: At Webcentral, we take security seriously. Our email hosting service is designed to keep your data safe and secure. We use industry-standard encryption to protect your emails, and our systems are regularly audited to ensure that they meet the highest security standards.
  4. Affordable: Our email hosting plans are designed to be affordable, without compromising on quality. We offer a range of plans to suit different needs and budgets, so you can choose the plan that’s right for you.
  5. Business continuity: We protect your critical data at Webcentral with our comprehensive business solutions, including add-on services like Microsoft 365 email backup. have peace of mind knowing that your important emails and data are always secure, accessible, and under your control.

Don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for a new email hosting provider. Contact Webcentral today 1300 638 734 to learn more about our email hosting plans and how we can help you migrate your email data.

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