The Importance of Conversion Optimisation

Written on 02 June, 2016 by Charlotte MacInnes
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Let’s face it, everyone in the digital space talks about conversion rate. “It’s too low”, “it’s dropped off”, you name it, and it’s the talk of the town. Conversion optimisation is the process of increasing your online conversion rate through user experience testing.

There is always room for improvement

No matter how well designed your site is and how much you like it, there are always ways to improve conversions. Whether it be making the process less painful or increasing the prominence of what makes your business stand out, there are always, always ways to improve and get more customers.

More customers – for FREE!

The most obvious perk is increasing your conversion rate means you get more customers – for free. Every person that visits your site is dollars coming out of your pocket. Spending money on advertising is costly and so CRO can join the traffic and conversion rate in harmony! Therefore, why not spend less money on advertising or traffic, and focus more increasing your conversion rate? It really is the most cost effective way of creating more revenue.

It will lower your CPA (cost per acquisition)

If you increase or double your conversion rate this means you are essentially halving your CPA, which is essentially how much each customer costs you. Win win situation!

Small increases now can mean huge increases in the future

If you focus on your raw conversion rates now, rather than traffic to your site, it will not only allow you to bring in more revenue but give huge profits to your bottom line and allow you to dominate your market.
Improve the effectiveness of other marketing efforts

With a higher click through or purchase rate, other avenues such as social media, pay-per-click or other marketing campaigns will also have a far better rate and will allow you to engage all traffic sources and convert them effectively.

If you are not optimising, you are not growing

In an ever changing digital space, you need to be testing and optimising your website to suit your customers. If you are not understanding or testing your customers, then you have little way of knowing what is working and what is not. This information is priceless in increasing your business and taking it to the next step.

A higher conversion rate means a more robust business

Once conversion rates start to increase, you can start to seriously evaluate marketing budgets and financial planning for the future without the risk factor. It also makes you more attractive to potential investment and affiliates.

More customers for you = less for your competition

If you are winning over customers with a better looking site that has been optimised, then customers are going to be more willing to purchase from you in the future. Your competition will have to lift their game to attract more customers, which will be difficult for them and easy for you as your business will have the competitive edge. Make sure you stay ahead and continue to win the race!

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