Web hosting plans: Five terms you should know

Written on 16 February, 2014 by Verity Meagher
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The potential benefits of web hosting can be massive for your business – easy expansion, reliable services, security features – so choosing the right package is vital. Get a firm handle on some of the key concepts to make sure you get the hosting service that’s right for you. 

Shared hosting 

When most people think of web hosting, they are actually thinking of shared hosting. When the websites’ of several different companies and individuals reside on a single server, they are using shared hosting. It means that all of the servers’ resources – such as CPU and RAM – are shared between all of the customer accounts. Businesses that don’t need powerful performance or increased flexibility can benefit from its lower-scale pricing options.

Linux hosting

Linux is an operating system, like Windows or Mac OS, and is the most popular operating system used by web servers. It uses a Unix-based, open-source platform and one of its biggest benefits is the fact that it provides Secure Shell (SSH) or Telnet access, which helps to interpret user data over transmission control protocol (TCP). Linux also offers easy administration without the need of using third-party software tools.

Windows hosting 

You can also choose a web-hosting package that uses a Windows operating system. While not as popular as Linux, some businesses wish to use specific Windows applications and are therefore better suited to a Windows hosting package. Some people choose this type of hosting because it’s able to run classic ASP or .NET scripts.

VPS hosting

A good choice for businesses that have particularly large websites, complicated demands or increased privacy and security needs, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting means having access to your own virtual private server. VPS gives you full control of your own section of a larger server. It can be thought of as your own private island that is completely separate and secure from the other customers on the server.


Colocation is unlike other web-hosting packages in that it offers you the option to place your own server within a professional data centre that is located elsewhere. It’s a good option for businesses that want additional control over their hosting and have money to invest in a server of their own. Locating a server within a professional data centre offers advantages such as access to greater bandwidth, lower latency and advanced infrastructure. 

Be sure that when you invest in web hosting to boost your business, you pick the package that has everything you need.

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