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Written on 26 July, 2012 by Uyen Vu
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In the online sphere, successful hosting management is essential to a business’s success, especially if your company relies on a large computation of domain names. Most business owners struggle with the logistics of web hosting without realising that they have yet to properly harness the tools at their disposal.

cPanel, also known as WebHost Manager (WHM), is powerful web hosting tool that can help mitigate issues sparked by juggling multiple hosting accounts. Here are the most useful features of cPanel and some tips for making the most of them:

Better bandwidth management

The account information pane provides vital information about your list of domain names. It also lets you monitor bandwidth usage and view accounts that have eclipsed their quota – a useful feature that can allow you to troubleshoot more effectively. You can also better understand the various aspects of your web business by viewing and managing your parked domains as well as your suspended accounts.

Creating accounts for new domains

In the fast-paced online world, it’s important to be able to create accounts for new domains with minimum fuss. cPanel incorporates an account function feature that allows you to effortlessly open new accounts and terminate those that are no longer relevant to your business. It also takes the pain out of administrative functions such as bandwidth control and password changes.

Increase site space

One of the most powerful functions of cPanel is its ability to let you monitor and adjust site space. This is highly effective if you need to quickly make adjustments to storage levels in order to upload larger files to your website.

Terminate an account

Expired domains can put a serious dampener on your professionalism. cPanel helps you manage this by letting you delete domain account information to free up bandwidth or suspend the domain if you plan to sell hosting to other customers – all without contacting your hosting provider.

In the digital world, time can have a critical impact on winning business or losing a sale. cPanel can help you cut out the middleman and take full control of your web hosting and domain management issues.

If you are starting at square 1 and have yet to sign up to a web hosting plan, it is very important to research before hand that your hosting plan meet all the requirements of your online business.

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