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Written on 04 June, 2018 by Jen McKinnon
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When Tim Ferris launched the four-hour work week, everyone still thought it was an elusive dream but now in 2018, it’s a reality for many. If you daydream about a laptop lifestyle or a job where you set your own hours, you’re not alone. In fact one in three working Australians turn to the gig economy and freelancing to pay their bills.

With endless options available, sometimes leaving your 9-5 can be overwhelming, so perhaps you just need a little inspiration to help you figure out what industry is best for you. We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular home-based businesses to help make your dream of working from home a reality.

Set up an eCommerce store

If you have a product to sell, there’s a good chance there’s a buyer looking for it. With Australians spending 42% of their time online, eCommerce is one of the most popular businesses to have (insert stat). It allows you to run your business completely online from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere in the world, in fact!

These days, the most popular businesses that are run from home capitalise on an eCommerce module. eCommerce allows you to run a business with no storefront, no staff and limited upfront expenses. This is one of the cheapest start up ideas and, understandably, has taken off in recent times. There are countless products you can sell online – all you need to do is select your niche, build your website and away you go!

Try freelancing

Are you really great at something but don’t want to be locked into working for a large corporation? If you love what you do but don’t want to be tied down to set working hours, you may want to consider freelancing. While freelancing keeps you active always searching for work, if you set your business up properly online and market yourself effectively, you can build your clientele quickly and effortlessly.

Become an influencer

Social media is all the go these days and, with the number of users online, brands are turning to individuals to promote their products for them. Instagrammers Kat Farmer and Lyn Slater are two women who have proven that you don’t have to be twenty-something to make a splash on social media, taking their lives and interests and capitalising on the attention of tens of thousands of people on Instagram.

Businesses have recognised this new form of celebrity and have opened up a realm of opportunities brand endorsement through social media channels, contacting these popular social figures to promote their products to a captive audience. If you can build up a significant following of 5,000 followers or more on your social channels, maybe becoming an influencer is the next step for you.

Whether you’re just after a cool $100 per post on the side or you’re keen to make the big bucks (upwards of $5,000 for a single post), with the right formula you can scale your social media page to bring in the return you are after.

Influencers with large audience bases get paid to use and feature different products on their personal social media pages. Building a profile and making your first brand connections are two of the biggest tasks, then it’s all about maintaining your image and regularly posting to your profile.

Try your hand a blogging

If you love to write, it’s easy to turn your hobby into a business. It’s not uncommon for bloggers to quit their day job just to write about the things they love. Blogs like Pinch of Yum and Have a Laugh on Me are examples of how everyday people can find success with their words.

Similar to becoming an influencer, being a blogger requires significant effort to establish an online profile. If you’re a really good writer and you have lots to say that people want to read, there’s no reason you couldn’t start your own blog from home, and who knows where it could take you.

Some of the most widely-read blogs were founded with little to no resources. Take Pete Cashmore’s Mashable for example. Now dubbed one of the 25 best blogs in the world by Time Magazine, Mashable had humble beginnings. From the comfort of his own home in 2005 to worldwide success today, Cashmore’s dedication to his project has been the driving force that’s allowed the business to grow into a commercial giant now raking in $2 million per month. Imagine that!

To start a blog, first you need a domain name and a website. From there you can build your brand and your social profile by consistently publishing valuable content for your audience. Treating it just as any other business, you need to ensure that you are promoting your posts and engaging in the appropriate PR measures to get your name and your work out there.

Once you’ve gained a substantial readership, you can start making money, charging for ad space on your site, collaborating with brands, writing sponsored posts, hosting events and courses and even creating physical products if you so desire.

Plan events

If you want to spend your days at home, event planning could be the business for you. For those who work full-time, there is often only a small window during which to net calls from venues, entertainment providers and suppliers. An event planner takes those tasks of the hands of the busy and makes themselves available to organise the event during the day. You could also take it one step further and focus solely on weddings as there is always a premium on wedding planning as it is such an arduous task for brides.

Take care of pets

Love dogs? Who doesn’t? Pet owners love their pets and most will do anything it takes to keep them happy and comfortable. Some even take it to the next level, pampering their pooches as if they were spoilt little children. There’s not much a passionate pet owner won’t do for their supposed ‘kin’ and many want to have their proverbial Schmacko and eat it, too; they want to have a pet but also take their holidays throughout the year. As a result, there is currently a big market for dog sitting.Turn your home into a pet play pen and make your money playing with furry friends in your very own home!

Host guests in your home

Airbnb revolutionised the accommodation game back in 2007 when the app burst onto the market and, in 2018, the world is still onboard. You can transform you whole home or a room in your home into a cosy hideaway for guests to stay and, using the Airbnb app, or establishing your own website online, charge visitors for their stay at rates that can rival a decent hotel.

There are so many ways to make money working from home, you just need to find your passion, establish your skill and give it a go. These days, if you’re not online, you don’t exist. If you need help taking your home business idea to the world with online marketing, get in touch with an Online Solutions Provider at Netregistry today.

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