Your website is your best sales person - how well are they prepared?

Written on 15 July, 2008 by Jonathan Crossfield
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Think of your website as a sales person. When customers come into contact with your products your website is there to talk them through the benefits, answer their questions and absolve their hesitations. Your website can take the customer on a journey by catching their interest, asking the right questions, delivering the right answers, raising interest in your services then striking when the moment is right to land you a sale.

Your website as a sales person doesn’t require a wage and so will never ask for a pay rise, they’re happy to work twenty four hours a day seven days a week. They won’t need public holidays off to spend with their kids and they’ll never have a sick day or turn up late.

As a person anything you give them, they’ll be able to sell. They won’t get a conscious or have a ‘bad day’. They’ll never not feel ‘up to it’ and will sell thoroughly and consistently to every single person.

And yet, despite having this little dynamo of sales as your disposal, I have heard of people who aren’t willing to spend $400 on brilliant copy for their homepage, or a user friendly menu or making minor updates to aid usability so your customer can find what they want on your site.

Think about the wage of an average employee and how much money you might spend training them, or on sending them to a course, or how much their lack of knowledge costs you in the first couple of months of their employment in lost opportunities. The cost to revenue ratio of a human employee vs. your website is a no brainer.

Invest in your best sales person. Keep them up to date with the newest, most current information. Give them all the tools they need to convince your customers that you’re the right choice. Keep your site in good working order and it will look after you.

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