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Choosing the right domain name for your business is an important first step in your online journey. Let us help you find the perfect digital address and get your name out there across all your online customer touchpoints. We’re here to help you with domain name availability and more, including email & hostingwebsite design, and online marketing.

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Our domain checker is a tool or service that allows you to check the availability of a domain name for registration. It helps you determine whether a particular domain name is already registered by someone else or if it is still available for you to purchase and use for your website or online presence.

Typically, you can enter the desired domain name into the domain checker tool, and it will query a domain registry database to check if the domain is currently registered or not. If the domain is available, you can proceed with registering it through our domain registry service.

Domain checkers may also provide additional information about the domain, such as the availability of different domain extensions (e.g., .com,, .au, .net, .org), alternative suggestions if the desired domain is taken and even pricing information.

It’s worth noting that domain checkers do not have access to real-time data on domain registrations, so it’s possible that a domain that appears available in the checker may have been registered very recently by someone else. Therefore, it’s recommended to register a domain promptly once you have confirmed its availability.

Australian Domain Name Search

You can narrow down your domain name search for Australian domain extensions such as,, .au,  Our domain checking tool will indicate the availability as well as offer alternate names based on semantic keywords.

Buy your domain name online

Buy your domain name online

With a wide selection of domain names for sale, you can buy the perfect one for your business simply, with the click of a button. Using the search bar above, enter the name you want to buy and click ‘Search’ to see the options available to you. Once you’ve made your selection, add the domain to your cart and check out. Bring your idea online with your favourite domain name or change things up with a or .Sydney domain name.

Helping Australian businesses buy domain names online since 1997

Helping Australian businesses buy domain names online since 1997

We understand how critical the right domain name is to your online success. With Webcentral’s domain availability checker, your business is in safe hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A good domain, like your business name, reinforces your brand values, provides a competitive edge, should be easy to remember, differentiates you from competitors, and can even help increase traffic to your website. By picking a simple and memorable domain name that focuses on your brand highlights you will be able to reap rewards in the form of traffic, purchases, recommendations, and clicks. Additionally, registering a domain that matches your business name adds credibility and respectability, which is important in this day and age to help alleviate security concerns.

Your domain name is your unique website address and forms your company’s online identity and brand, allowing people to find you quickly and easily. By registering multiple extensions you are protecting your domain name and the brand equity you are building. By stopping a competitor from registering similar domains to yours, you will not only protect your online identity but also help increase traffic to your website.

Our choice of domain name extension will often be influenced by the market you are targeting, as it can affect your local Google ranking and consumer trust. A local search in Google will often return domains local to the searcher before international ones. For example, if you search for businesses in Australia you will often see websites with and domain names ranking more highly than international ones like

You can register your business domain name through an accredited registrar. No two domain names can be the same so you should check the domain name availability first. To register an Australian domain you must have a business ID ABN.

Firstly, you cannot own a domain name. When you purchase your domain name you are effectively leasing the name for a certain period of time. Australian domain names with the TLD (top level domain) extension of can be registered from between I – 5 years. .com domain names can be registered from 1 – 10 years.

The best way is to visit a domain name registrar website and input your desired domain name and click search. This will reveal if your domain name is available. And it will show other variations of your chosen domain names availability together with the cost per year.

The extension recognises your domain name as an Australian entity. This does not limit Australian businesses from registering a .com domain name. For businesses that have an international presence, it is common practice to register extensions in those countries such as .com (New Zealand) (United Kingdom) And so on. are domain names used by Australian registered businesses. are reserved for not-for-profit organisations.

A domain name is an internet address that individuals may use to access resources such as websites or send email. A domain name is the name of your website. The location at which Internet visitors may reach your website is known as a domain name. A domain name can be any combination of characters and numbers, and it can include one or more domain name extensions, such as, and other extensions.

° Price varies depending on period and domain name.

  † Applies to new and 1 year domain registrations only, not renewals, transfers or backorders. Price not applicable to premium domain names. View full terms. Offer based on our RRP.