Three ways to create killer content

Written on 10 July, 2012 by Tim Reid
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First up, let’s get clear on what content is.

For me, content is any useful information that pulls prospects towards your business, and makes it easy for them to buy from you. What content isn’t; is sales spiel.

Content can take many forms, but great content generally:

  1. Answer questions that your prospects have
  2. Solves their problems by showing them how to do something more efficiently, effectively or cheaper
  3. Entertains them with useful stories and case studies
  4. Takes them behind the scenes of your business and provides them insights into your products or services that make them feel special
  5. Explains things in a way that makes them feel smarter and better informed

At this point, you may well be thinking, that’s fine but A) I’m no writer and B) I don’t know how to deliver it.

Excellent, then let’s sort both those problems out immediately.

In regards to writing, killer content is all about well … the killer content! It’s not a creative writing contest, nor is about writing War and Peace. The magic is in the information shared … The simpler the better. It’s not about showing off your technical skills or incredible knowledge, it’s all about making your prospects’ lives easier.

In terms of content delivery, there are a number of formats. Let’s look at three of them.


This is the most common type of content and can take the form of blog posts, additional pages on your website, an eBook that you give to people who register on your website, a special report that you hand out at networking functions, a presentation that you give via a webinar, or a booklet that you hand out when you meet someone.


Introducing technology may seem scary, but most smartphones these days have a voice recorder. Consider using it to record your thoughts and musings then upload it to your website as a MP3 file, or send it to a transcriber who can turn them into words that you can then use as a blog post. You may even consider creating an interview series where you record chats with staff, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders in your business. These could be posted to your website, or even turned into a podcast.


We’re now at the highest form of content, and whilst it’s a little more complicated it’s certainly not out of reach nor should it be expensive. Once again, most smartphones these days have a video camera. Or you can buy a dedicated HD video camera for under $100. Once you’ve got one then shoot away … Record the answers to your most frequently asked questions, film some client testimonials or capture a tour of your shop or office. And if you don’t like talking to camera, then use software such as Screenflow or Camtasia that captures what happens on your screen as well as what you’re saying. Then upload it to you’re brand new YouTube channel that you’ll now create to house all this wonderful new content!

Content really is an important part of your marketing communications strategy, so get out there and start creating some. Don’t place any creative pressure on yourself…Instead, just ask yourself (or you customers) what information they’d like in order to make an informed purchase decision.

If you’re creating killer content already, then share how you’re doing it in the comments below. I’m sure it will help others who are still figuring out that to create.

The above content has been provided by Tim Reid from Small Business Big Marketing – Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast.

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