5 Reasons You Need to Convert from HTTP to HTTPS Now

Written on 19 March, 2018 by Iona Yeung
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You may have noticed a little ‘s’ popping up at the end of the HTTP web prefix in the address bar for many of the sites you visit. It’s part of Google’s initiative to better protect their users and this will have significant impact on your site come July of this year. But what exactly is this little ‘s’ and why is it so important?

‘S’ for security

This cryptographic technology, called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), exists to keep the internet and its users safe. The digital certification is used as a signal to website visitors that information they share on the site will remain classified and are adequately protected.

With an SSL certificate, all information is encrypted prior to being submitted to the web server. It also ensures that only the user and the server have the key to decrypt the information. This prevents hackers and web trawlers from tampering with sensitive data.

But my site is already secure, why should I bother with certification?

There are 5 major benefits of installing the SSL certificate on your server, not only to the safety and functionality of your site but also to the impression it gives to potential clients.

  1. Protect your users

An SSL Certificate is a sure-fire way to guarantee any sensitive information provided by users on your site, like passwords, credit card details and personal data is secure and protected from the threat of hackers.

  1. Display trustworthiness

The second benefit of an SSL certificate is the obvious security signal it sends to the traffic traversing your site. Come July this year, any site without an SSL certificate will be identified to the visitor as ‘not secure,’ sending the message that the site should not be trusted.

  1. Upscale your SEO efforts

It is no secret that Google favours websites with valid SSL certificates when it comes to search engine rankings. This certification is seen by Google as a significant benefit to users and, consequently, has been built into the primary ranking factors.

  1. Improve your customer retention

With Google’s push for SSL certification, visitors will begin to recognise the difference between sites with and without the little ‘s’. Clients are more likely to stay loyal to your brand if you show that you care about their security and they will keep coming back to your site if they can see you’ve invested in their wellbeing.

  1. More website visits

SSL certification is particularly important when it comes to eCommerce sites. If your business runs primarily online, an SSL certificate is imperative to your long-term success. In its absence, shoppers might be turned away by the lack of security assurance.

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