Egg-cellent Digital Marketing Ideas for Easter

Written on 21 March, 2018 by Julia Hammond
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It should be no surprise that the Easter long weekend presents a mammoth opportunity to maximise sales and conversions for your business. Behind Christmas, Easter is the largest revenue raising public holiday season. Not only does this break from the daily grind create a spike in trade for food and retail businesses, it has expanded its influence on travel, health and beauty industries.

However, there’s plenty of room for other areas of trade to capitalise on the national break. So, if you haven’t already, you should be thinking about how you can reach your public holiday potential this weekend.

Easter Surprise

Easter is a time of reflection, so why not reflect on those who have supported your business to help you get to where you are today? Your customers!

Nurture is the best way to retain existing customers. By treating your past punters well, you’ll have a greater chance of ensuring they remain loyal to your brand. You can make their Easter long weekend that little bit sweeter by providing repeat buyers with recognition in the form of a reward for their allegiance to your business. This little surprise could be a free gift, a voucher or a unique promo code. Regardless how you choose to reward them, making your customers feel valued will surely boost repeat sales over the long weekend.

The Hunt is On

Another great way to inspire interaction with your brand over the Easter break is to introduce a competition. With more time for your audience to act over the long weekend, a competition could inspire potential and existing customers to interact with your brand. Whether promoted on social mediaGoogle AdWordsemail marketing or via multiple streams, a competition goes a long way to building your online community, growing awareness and inspiring engagement.

Everyone loves a competition as it provides an incentive to subscribe, interact or purchase. Awaiting a potential win allows your audience to pair the memory of a lasting feeling of positivity and optimism with your brand and, if the prize is a generous one, you could gain traction with a much wider audience than you’ve previously attracted.

Your Very Own Easter Parade

Ok, ok – an Easter Parade probably won’t draw the biggest crowd but holding an event in your store or at a central location could generate the hype you need to get people interested in your brand. There are so many different types of face-to-face events that can be tailored to the interests of your clientele and, while an Easter egg hunt is an obvious option for this occasion, your event doesn’t have to be central to the Easter holiday.

For example, if you run a nursery, you may like to run a workshop that teaches attendees how to build their own terrarium. For a retail store that sells athleisure, perhaps a fun-run would draw a crowd. For any business with new products on the way, a launch would be a great idea. Or for brick and mortar stores of any kind, try running a VIP Night for your most loyal customers.

Don’t forget – the event is not the end of the road for your promotions, it becomes your launchpad for all different types of advertising. So, if you’re planning on running a physical event, make sure there are plenty of different ways for attendees to interact with your brand before during and, most importantly, after your event.

Interaction could be inspired by a gift or show bag, a new app or a simple promotional code.

Support an Eggs-travanganza

If the hassle of organising your own event is too much for your business, you may like to invest in someone else’s event. By sponsoring an occasion, you receive brand exposure and can align your business with great causes or companies. This means it’s important to do your research on the target audience for the event to make sure they are the types of consumers who would be interested in your brand. If they’re not, you won’t see a return on your investment.

Give a Little Egg-stra Online

While there are many benefits to running an event face-to-face, it doesn’t always need to be physical. If you run an eCommerce store, your event could take place online and its premise could be anything from a sale to a fundraiser, or even a live-stream. These virtual events take the cost out of hiring a space, while still enabling you to use similar marketing techniques. All you require is a good concept and the right digital streams to capture the interest of the right people.

A sale that lasts the duration of the long weekend attracts your clientele when they are relaxed and provides the incentive to splash out and make a purchase.

If a sale is too much to handle for the four days, perhaps you’d rather offer free shipping to your domestic customers who make purchases over the weekend. This presents value to your customers but won’t blow the bank.


To help you implement these ideas and more over the Easter long weekend, Webcentral provides digital advice and services to businesses of all sizes. Get in touch today to take advantage of the opportunities that public holidays provide.

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