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Written on 14 October, 2014 by Lazar Dusanovic
Categories Search Engine Optimisation

Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer recently spoke out about the next Penguin algorithm refresh coming as early as next week. Google updates often cause website owners both large and small to worry, because worrying about the unknown is human nature. Google are always tweaking the way their search engine reads websites, but often these changes are so minor they don’t have a dramatic effect. Due to the last Penguin update taking place over a year ago, this refresh is set to be significant for everyone across the web, aiming to please both Webmasters and Google users with a focus on backlinks.

If you’re concerned or worried about this pending update and how it will affect your business fear not! Webcentral are specialists in Google algorithm changes and have supported many business through these updates over the years. Our specialist in-house SEO team and large client base enable us to understand exactly what Penguin 3.0 means for your website, both positive or negative, faster than other companies and then support you through it. Our number one priority is to keep you informed about updates as they happen and the actions we can take if your website is affected. Want ongoing communication and support? Let Webcentral keep you in the know and your business on top. Safeguard your website and feel secure in times of change. Get more info on Penguin 3.0 here

Call now and speak with one of our digital specialists who are determined to solve all your penguin problems. All you need is the right support in place before the updates happen.

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