Are Horoscopes the Ultimate Marketing Strategy?

Written on 16 August, 2019 by Jessica Clausen
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What colour should you wear based on your zodiac?

Your horoscope will tell you where you should next go on holiday.

What does your Venus sign say about your love life?


Have you seen an influx of this content pop up on your news feeds lately? Wondering why the stars are now dictating content? Well it’s not accidental. Horoscopes are no longer for crystal shops and palm readers. Zodiac has become hugely popular across social platforms, and smart businesses know how to implement it into their strategy.


What’s with the infatuation with zodiac?

Millennials are obsessed with horoscopes. We’ve seen it from the surplus of zodiac related content across the board. We’ve seen it from the popularity of Co-Star and The Pattern, from natal charts, video content, memes and all the rest of that quality content scattered across our socials.

And there’s psychology behind it. Studies show that individuals turn to astrology in times of stress, and millennials are one of the most stressed generations. Perhaps it’s the feeling they lack direction, or their uncertainty in our planet’s future that makes them look for supernatural direction. Maybe it’s their desire to connect, or their desire for an identity that sticks.

But the psychology makes it clear, astrology helps people feel seen and understood. If you can get your customers to feel seen, you’re doing a good job. It’s why so many businesses are now leveraging astrology as if not an ongoing marketing tool, at the very least a one-off content piece.


Speaking your customer’s language

Creating astrology content doesn’t mean you’re preaching a pseudoscience. What it does mean is you’re playing into your customer’s interests, and they value a business that speaks like them far more than a business that doesn’t.

The object of the zodiac content influx isn’t to tell people their fortune, but to identify with them. To speak their language. Marketing is more and more about entertainment and education, and to really sell your brand, you need to identify with your customers. It’s why supermarkets now have active social channels, it’s why big corporations are using memes and it’s why your business should be taking advantage of the trends that speak to your customers most.


Are the stars determining the success of your marketing strategy?

This doesn’t mean to say every business should be utilising zodiac content to enhance their marketing. It won’t work for everyone, but it does say that understanding the trends that your customers are following and interested in can directly influence engagement and traffic.

The best way to determine what trends work for your audience? Know who your audience is. Crafting detailed, unique customer avatars that are tailored to your business can help you determine what your prospective customers are looking at, what drives them and how you can better market to them.


So, what does marketing with astrology look like?

You would probably have seen posts similar to those on Co-Star. For our own customers, we’ve used popular social platforms and assigned them to each zodiac. We engage with our audience by letting them identify with one. Then, we interact with our audience. Does your platform fit your sign?



The post ticks all the boxes of engaging, interactive content, and you can even re-purpose the content for a blog piece, just like we’ve done.


Testing your brand’s fate

Marketing strategies aren’t just about problem-solving anymore. They’re about real entertainment and out-of-the-box thinking. Today anything can be incorporated into your marketing strategy, so long as you’re smart about it.

Webcentral might not be able to predict your future but we can guide your business through smarter marketing choices. With the emotional connection of a Pisces and the strive for success of a Capricorn, we help brands take control of their fate. To discuss how you can incorporate trends into your marketing strategy, give the marketing specialists at Webcentral a call on 1300 638 734.

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