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Written on 19 June, 2012 by Karen Lim-Sam
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Netregistry is proud to announce its sponsorship of Australia’s #1 small business marketing podcast (as consistently ranked by Apple iTunes) – Small Business Big Marketing.  Presented by Tim Reid, this podcast channel has an audience of motivated small business owners in the tens of thousands each month.

Tim Reid, a small business owner himself (having helped market some of the world’s largest brands for 20+ years), founded the show in 2010 following a realisation that there’s never been a better time to market a small business.

Due to the growth of online marketing, the channels to market were constantly increasing, yet the cost of marketing was falling. Tim saw this as a winning formula for the small business owner who was willing to get involved in this new marketing landscape. Plus he had a huge network of people who were employing these new marketing tactics and would be willing to share them in an interview.

So, Small Business Big Marketing was born … a show laser-focused on inspiring small business owners to do exceptional marketing. Each week Tim conducts an in-depth interview with a successful small business owner who’s doing spectacular marketing. 87 episodes in and there is a treasure-trove of marketing knowledge, that when understood and actioned, really does have the potential to catapult any small business way ahead of its competitors.

In recent episodes of Small Business Big Marketing you’ll discover:

  • How the owner of Service Central went from being a Lawyer to a Cleaner to starting a multi-million dollar online business in 7-years (episode 86).
  • How the owner of LA-based business, Bluefish, runs a business that can get anyone, anything (episode 81).
  • How Lloyd Perry started a boutique brand of condoms with some very clever (and cheap) marketing (episode 83).
  • How to start a national day that celebrates the category in which your brand operates (episode 84).
  • How to Market a business in tough times with Larry Bloch (episode 87)

The show comes out every Tuesday. Subscribe for free to never miss an episode.

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