Precautions to take when choosing a domain name

Written on 05 July, 2013 by Karen Lim-Sam
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If you’re an online business owner, you know that your domain name is your most precious piece of real estate. And like any big investment, it dictates that you cover all bases before you take the leap.

Getting the right domain name

Unfortunately, choosing a domain name can be fraught with pitfalls and hidden challenges – failure to proceed with caution can spark major complications down the track. Here is our ultimate checklist to future-proofing your domain name purchase.

Be wary of devious domain registrars

Domain squatting is an unscrupulous online practice, with the aim of preventing rivals from registering a domain name and gaining the competitive edge. To lower the risk of this happening, it pays to be vigilant when conducting your domain name research. Limit your enquiries to the website of the domain registrar you’ve selected and refrain from posting domain-related questions on blogs, forums or unknown websites.

Make sure your domain isn’t violating a trademark

Trademark violation is a major issue that can cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t make the effort to be safe. It also has the potential to land you in a costly legal battle that can see your profits disappear. That’s why it pays to conduct a thorough Google search and scour online resources such as IP Australia before you take the plunge.

Double-check your domain’s search history

There’s no denying that SEO plays a powerful role in online business success. This raises the need to carefully evaluate your chosen domain name’s search history to make sure it delivers positive results. Remember to watch out for any signs that the domain name has been penalised by Google or previously banned. If there are any signs that your chosen online moniker has a shaky history, it might be time to rethink your choice.

Always purchase your domain from an authorised reseller

With any important purchase, it’s critical to trust the party at the receiving end of your hard-earned cash. This goes double for major online purchases, which can be subject to dodgy players and virtual fraud. Ensure you purchase your domain name from an authorised reseller or one with an established track record. It’s also worth checking customer boards and online forums for other business owner’s thoughts, opinions and experiences.

While purchasing a domain name can be a precarious process, it’s a lot easier if you mitigate the various risks.

Did you notice any red flags when purchasing your last domain name?

How did you deal with any issues that arose?

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