Why Choose New Top-Level Domains (TLDs)?

Written on 20 March, 2022 by Melissa Toh
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Today the task of selecting domain endings has become much more complicated.


The Pros and Cons of New Top-Level Domains

  1. What is a top-level domain?
  2. New top-level domain extensions
  3. Are new domain extensions worth it?
  4. Should you choose a new domain extension?
  5. Which domain name extensions should I buy?


Since 2013, the list of available domain extensions has been increased dramatically. Business must now determine whether they use one of these new domain extensions or stick to the traditional domain name extensions.

What is a top-level domain (TLD)?

Domain extensions are the letters that follow the final period in a URL. Common extensions include .com.org, and .net.  Their original purpose was to classify websites by type. For example, any website with an address ending in .com was supposed to be a commercial site, but as time has passed, domain extensions have often been used differently than originally intended.

New top-level domain extensions

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) manages the domain name system, connecting domain names to IP addresses. Initially, there were only 22 generic top-level domains, but in 2013, ICANN started releasing new TLDs.

By March 2021, the list of all TLDs had grown to almost 1600. The available list of domain extensions is extensive. It includes obvious extensions such as .design for the graphic design and fashion sector through to the less obvious .wtf for bargain websites, photo and video aggregators, meme sites, and news of the weird.

It has never been easier to find the right domain name for your business – but it has also become more complicated with so many choices. Whether your current domain isn’t the perfect fit anymore, or you are searching for a domain name for a new start-up, the available domains list provides many options. But which domain name extension extensions should I buy? 

Are new domain extensions worth it?

are new domain extensions worth it

There are several reasons why selecting a new TLD may make sense for your business. Here is a list of advantages:


Brands can now create domain names that are more distinctive and better describe what they bring to the market. Consider how much more clearly Bresse.healthcare asserts its role in the healthcare sector than its original domain, bresse.fr.

Some brands may decide a new TLD is suitable for their business because it is more cutting edge. There is a new, shorter, and more memorable domain now available in Australia that you should consider.

In 2022, the .au domain name extension will become available. So if you want your Australian brand to dominate your website address, this is the domain for you.

The new TLDs often enable brands to use shorter, more memorable domain names, which is great for brand recall.


Amongst the available domains list, it may be possible to find a domain name that is short and memorable. It may be possible to get the domain name that you want. That may not be possible with a traditional domain name.

Brand Protection

You may select a new TLD simply because it offers protection against other businesses using a version of your domain name. They may simply point their old domain to the new address. 

Should you choose a new domain extension?

should you choose a new domain extension


Businesses should consider any shortcomings before embracing a new TLD just because it is available.

Old habits die hard

Users have been entering traditional TLDs such as .com and .net for many years. That has been their habit, and it may be challenging to break. If your customer enters .com instead of your new TLD, the search engine will only display results with websites using that domain name extension, which could impact website traffic.

Traditional authority

A better recognised domain extension may surround a brand domain with a sense of credibility and authority. On the flip side, the use of an unrecognised TLD may raise concerns about the credibility of that business. The impact of this is likely to diminish as the use of new TLDS becomes more commonplace.

Will a new TLD affect my SEO?

Google has declared that it will treat these domains no differently from any other, so using a new TLD will neither improve nor ruin your SEO efforts.

Which domain name extensions should I buy?

It’s true; there are now many more options when determining your domain name. But it need not be complicated. We can provide a range of support as you go through your selection process. Typical questions include:


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