Increase Prospects for Your Business with SEO

Written on 30 November, 2021 by Melissa Toh
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Increase Prospects for Your Business with SEO

Most businesses know that they should be doing search engine optimisation (SEO). They understand that SEO can put you a little higher on the Google search results page.

Table of Contents

  1. What is SEO
  2. Why is SEO important
  3. Why use an SEO roadmap
  4. What should your SEO roadmap include


An SEO project roadmap provides a vigorous plan for executing every step of the SEO process to avoid missing anything that could be detrimental to your SEO results.

An SEO strategy roadmap allows you to respond to market changes proactively and creates a streamlined process for the most important SEO tasks.

This article will show you how to build a roadmap for SEO and why it is so crucial for your business.

What is SEO

Primarily, SEO enables businesses to be found more readily online. If you would like to learn more about SEO basics, check out our 90 second video blog. It’s an easy way to get a quick understanding of SEO. If you prefer a written blog there are some helpful tips in SEO for small business blog.

Why is SEO important

why is SEO important

There are many reasons why SEO is important for your business. When you read the list of primary benefits below, you will understand why identifying a strategy and roadmap for SEO can be so critical to your business success.

7 Primary benefits of an SEO strategy roadmap:

    1. Increase traffic to your website.
    2. Improve the visibility of your brand by increasing the number of times your brand is seen by potential customers.
    3. Improve your credibility and trust rating. The higher your website appears on a search list, the more highly you are regarded in terms of these dimensions.
    4. Build brand awareness. The more times your brand is seen in search results, the more likely you will enjoy increased brand awareness.
    5. Improve brand perceptions. SEO often involves a website roadmap designed to review and improve online content and processes for users. This can dramatically enhance the perception of the brand.
    6. Increase high-quality traffic. Incorporating SEO lets each page on your website become an entry point for those customers. Enabling users to find the page that addresses their needs more directly means they will be more likely to connect with your offer.
    7. Build long term business growth. SEO is a slow build in that the project roadmap can take some months before improvements are apparent. However, once your efforts start to pay off, you’ll have free traffic coming in for the foreseeable future.

Why use an SEO roadmap

It is essential to develop an SEO roadmap document to guide and direct your efforts. Apart from SEO benefits outlined above, an SEO roadmap can be a game-changer for your business in the following ways:

Increased flexibility

When it comes to SEO, there are constantly changing guidelines and customer needs. You need a flexible plan that can adjust to unforeseeable changes. An SEO roadmap makes SEO tasks, deliverables, and even methodologies more fluid. Thanks to this, an SEO team can quickly
pivot and continue forward with achieving SEO goals.

Capitalise on early wins

The purpose of a quick win is to find spots where minor changes gain traction. You can make significant progress on traffic and rankings that already exist. On top of that, an SEO team can tackle quick wins with minimal development resources. For example, fixing title tags or speeding up the hosting. An SEO roadmap allows you to see where you can make quick wins so that you don’t miss any opportunities improving your SEO strategy overall.

Keep large projects organised

One of the most important reasons for having an SEO roadmap is the challenge of managing large SEO projects and keeping everything organised. With so many different tasks, your website roadmap will be paramount in ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

What Should Your SEO Roadmap Include?

what should your SEO roadmap include

While every SEO roadmap will be unique depending on the project, there is a structure that works for most. This structure helps ensure every aspect of your project roadmapping is covered from start to finish. When building a strategy roadmap for your SEO endeavours, make sure you consider the following:

  • Discovery (market, competitors, target audience)
  • Research (new and existing opportunities, competition)
  • Creative (materials for different stages in the funnel)
  • Optimisation (site-wide optimisation to improve information architecture)
  • Digital PR (outreach for brand exposure and backlinks)

Enact your SEO project roadmap today for big rewards tomorrow

Before you undertake your create roadmap project, it is sometimes helpful to better understand your current SEO performance. Read this article to help you analyse your recent performance. Within the article, you will find our SEO content analysis template, which is a helpful tool to get you started.

As you embark on your SEO project roadmap, it’s important to note that improvement results can take time. Building a strategy roadmap for SEO requires patience, but the long-term rewards can be substantial for you and your business.

If you still don’t think you have the time to invest in the SEO health of your online business, contact us. We have a range of SEO support packages that might just be what you need.

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