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Written on 09 July, 2019 by Jessica Clausen
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Take your consumer relationship to the next level, here’s how to master Lead Gen marketing.

A foolproof consumer marketing strategy starts with a thorough understanding of available marketing channels and the ways they can boost your consumer reach. No matter the size of your business, whether you’re running an international corporation or small start-up, the marketing channels you select to generate consumer awareness determine whether your business operates to its fullest potential. Here’s a list of consumer marketing channels that have the power to generate reach on an international level and, if used properly, will have your business being the talk of the town before you know it.

Social Media

To put your business on the map, tapping into social media is key. According to a study conducted by Sensis Australia, 79% of Australians are now using social media every day, which is an outstanding portion of consumers. What’s more; of this increasing portion of consumers, 64% are more likely to trust a brand who interacts positively on social media, while almost a quarter of users are on social media specifically just to follow brands or businesses! No matter a person’s orientation, status or background; social media has become a valuable hub for consumers to gain brand awareness, find out about discounts and read customer reviews. Currently, Facebook and Instagram sit at the top of the social media pyramid with the highest number of users and engagement rates, while Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn sit just below them.



Different platforms will be ideal for various demographics, so it’s a good idea to determine which platforms are most effective for your target audience. When it comes to Lead Gen’s, advertising on the most popular mediums should be your go-to strategy, as they have the farthest reach and will keep your advertising relevant. Whether through paid ads, influencer sponsorships, or even just high levels of organic engagement on your page; social media has the power to put your business on consumer’s radars and encourage them further down the purchasing funnel.

Search Engine Optimisation

To conquer Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is to conquer consumer marketing. Essentially, it’s strategising to get your business website at the top of the Google search list so that you are one of the first options when users search terms that relate to your business. We all know the phrase “just Google it”, and there’s a reason it’s stuck. According to a study conducted by NetMarketShare, Google accounts for nearly 76% of all global search traffic, followed by Baidu at nearly 10% and Bing at 8.42%. Two trillion is the estimated number of searches Google is handling per year according to a study conducted by Search Engine Land.



Meanwhile, the same study concluded 79% of consumers who buy a product have undertaken a relevant online search prior to their purchase. Because SEO is proven to work for businesses, almost every business is using it. So, to set your business apart from the competition, it’s important to use it effectively. The way to use SEO depends on the nature of your business. Are you a local business that relies on location searches? Or would your business benefit from long-form content injected with keywords to gain more SEO value? For tips on how to effectively use SEO, check out our article.

Website Content

When you want to get your brand name out there, it’s easy to misplace your focus on the various marketing channels that gain the most reach. While of course that’s key to success, what’s even more important is the quality and timeliness of the content you have on your website, so that it appeals to users once they arrive on your page. This is all part of creating a good user experience, so that users become customers and customers become returning customers. According to a study conducted by Backlinko, updating and republishing old blog posts with fresh content and images can increase organic traffic by 111%.

You want to make sure that you stay committed to publishing new and relevant content consistently, maintain your brand guidelines, reuse older content by updating it with newer information, ensure navigation is easy and landing pages are well structured and inviting. Ultimately, whether you’re heading a multi-tiered marketing campaign or self-driven word-of-mouth operation, the users you attract to your website won’t convert into customers if your website content and user experience isn’t up to scratch.


Guess what – a lot of people still use email! In a social media age, many are deeming email as a tad old school and irrelevant, but statistics prove otherwise. According to Campaign Monitor, there are three times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts and a study by The Radicati Group says email users will continue increasing to three billion by 2020. Electronic Direct Mail or eDM is one of the most popular consumer marketing channels company’s use, particularly for Lead Gen. In fact, according to a study conducted by Ascend2, 48% of marketing companies consider eDM the most effective Lead Gen marketing tactic – higher than any other channel.



Marketing through email means you have the potential to reach more consumers without putting in extra work. It gives businesses the ability to target specific demographics and provides accurate ROI measurement – all at the click of a button. So, before you underestimate the power of the trusty inbox, assess your marketing objectives and target audience, as email may be your new superpower.

Don’t feel overwhelmed about B2C marketing for Lead Gen. We’ve got your back when it comes to online strategies and boosting your business with our start-up guide for online success. Or, you can call our sales team on 1300 638 734.

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