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Written on 02 February, 2015 by Verity Meagher
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Still using the same e-newsletter template you’ve had for years? Used to seeing only a small number of readers click through to your site? If you answered yes to either question, it’s time to start thinking about redesigning your template with a focus on driving engagement.

Giving your subscribers what they want can drastically improve engagement rates so be prepared to get flexible when it comes to your newsletter design and you could reap the rewards.

Remember to be responsive

One of the biggest changes to hit newsletters in the last few years is the number of people who now read their emails on mobile devices. There’s a huge number of people who like to check their inbox while on the go, so it’s essential that your newsletter has a responsive design that will translate well on mobile devices. No one is going to bother reading your newsletter if it doesn’t display properly, let alone consider clicking through to your site.

Avoid an advertising bombardment

Your newsletter might be a good place to share information about your best deals or to earn advertising revenue from third parties, but too many adverts make a newsletter worthless. People only want to read a newsletter if it has interesting and relevant content, and if your content is pushed below the fold by a large banner ad, they’re likely to give up before they’ve even started. Make sure the content comes first and that adverts are dropped below the fold to engage readers from the beginning.

Keep your headings clear

Most readers will scan your email looking for content that is relevant to them before deciding which elements to read – or whether to read any at all. This means that while crafting engaging copy is important, it’s even more important to make sure you break up your information with headings that are clear and concise. Use a template that allows you to include bold headings and segment your content.

Make the most of features and functionality

In the old days, newsletter templates were necessarily simple and somewhat basic. Now you can embed all sorts of content into your newsletter and be confident that readers will be able to enjoy all of it. Consider including elements such as a Twitter feed widget, social sharing links and video content to give your newsletter a more modern feel.

Don’t let your newsletter become outdated and static. There are countless ways you can update your template to drive engagement.

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