Is your email marketing unsuccessful? Three reasons why your email campaigns are ineffective

Written on 14 October, 2011 by Clancy Clarke
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You’re not getting the most from your email marketing campaigns – people are not opening the emails, visitors are not clicking through to your website, subscribers are unsubscribing.  You piece your email campaigns together without thinking; you send them any old time. People are not appreciating the emails and you are not benefiting as a business.

Most people receive enough business related email to easily fill their day – unamusing, unexciting and boring promotional emails are not going to cut it.

You could easily send effective, enticing, readable, shareable, clickable email campaigns by taking a look at these 3 reasons why your email campaigns are a flop.

1. You are sending your emails at the wrong time

Rule 1 of effective email marketing is finding the perfect time to send your email. The optimum time to send your email campaigns depends heavily on the product or service you are offering. It depends on the type of information contained in the email and the demographic of the target audience.

Is your service for personal use or does your business provide a B2B solution? For example personal services are more likely to be opened early in the morning or after work hours. B2B offerings are more likely to be taken seriously during work hours.

Think hard about the product you are offering, when and who uses the product and when they are most likely in the headspace to open, read and action the content of your email.

However, simply sending your email at the right time isn’t the magic bullet for a successful email campaign.

2. Your campaigns lack informative, interesting content

How many times a day do you receive a newsletter or marketing email from a company and delete it before opening it? If you emails are not eye catching, interesting and informative subscribers will simply add it to the hoards of marketing emails they receive which usually end up in the trash.

When composing your next email make sure you:

  • Create an attention-grabbing subject line – this is the make or break point, this is what governs the user’s decision to open, read or delete the email.
  • Create fascinating, relevant content – you need to keep the ‘openers’ reading. Tell them something they don’t know, educate them.
  • Don’t use the entire email to SELL, SELL, SELL! Blatant selling emails look and feel like spam!

A successful email marketing campaign doesn’t simply hinge on keeping the readers interested and informed.

3. There is no strong call to action

So you’ve got your email opened and grabbed the reader’s attention – Now all you need to do is get them to take action, be it click a link, download a file or fill in the form. To do this you need to have a strong, relevant call to action.

If your call to action is completely void of any relevance to the email content, readers are not going to want to find out more.  A clear path from exciting, useful content onto a bold call to action is required – clearly position your product as the solution to achieve the goals outlined in the email content.

Sending email marketing campaigns can be one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available. Keeping current customers happy and your business front-of-mind is vital to continued brand loyalty.  Netregistry can help launch your email marketing campaign with Mailroom – our professional standard email marketing platform. Find out more.

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