Written on 14 December, 2021 by Melissa Toh

Google Analytics Metrics You Need to Watch When it comes to search engines, Google is still one of the popular options used around the world. Understanding how it works can help your website rank better, but it is constantly looking to update its algorithms and improve user experience. You need to do more than use the right... Read more
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Written on 01 June, 2017 by Julia Hammond

Data Spotlight – Bounce Rates and Why They Matter for Your Business Data is hugely important when it comes to understanding how your business is performing digitally, and Google Analytics carries a range of tools to help business owners understand exactly how visitors are interacting with their site. Using this data to make changes to improve your website’s user experience is an... Read more
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Written on 14 May, 2015 by Charlotte MacInnes

Google Analytics Conversion and Goal Tracking What is a Google Analytics goal? An analytics goal is a specific goal completion. A little bit like getting the ball in the hoop; it’s when an action has been marked as complete. Why do I need it? If you want to understand the exact behaviour of your online visitors,... Read more
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Written on 30 October, 2014 by Raul Chango

Call Tracking Survey Finds 54 Percent Of Search Marketers Don’t Track Phone Conversions From Search Campaigns. But WME Does! WME use a number of methods to track call conversions including, Google Call Extensions, Google Call Tracking and 3rd Party Call Tracking. Google Call Extensions This functionality enables Webcentral to track clicks to a... Read more
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