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Written on 02 June, 2016 by Charlotte MacInnes

The Importance of Conversion Optimisation Let’s face it, everyone in the digital space talks about conversion rate. “It’s too low”, “it’s dropped off”, you name it, and it’s the talk of the town. Conversion optimisation is the process of increasing your online conversion rate through user experience testing. There is always room for improvement No... Read more
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Written on 16 November, 2015 by Charlotte MacInnes

Always Start With The ‘Why’ We all want to portray the best versions of our business and brands online and this is done with one goal in mind: to convert. However, in order to achieve this, it has to start somewhere, it has to start with why? Let’s be honest, people don’t buy what you do, they... Read more
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Written on 14 May, 2015 by Charlotte MacInnes

Google Analytics Conversion and Goal Tracking What is a Google Analytics goal? An analytics goal is a specific goal completion. A little bit like getting the ball in the hoop; it’s when an action has been marked as complete. Why do I need it? If you want to understand the exact behaviour of your online visitors,... Read more
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